CONNIE RUDD ~ Local & Wildlife Photography
Photographer Connie RuddConnie Rudd has enjoyed a life-long love of nature, art and photography. She begged her folks for a camera when she was 6 years old and received her first camera - Kodak Brownie Starlight - which she still has.

Connie grew up in the rolling hills of South – east Ohio where she developed a sense of connection to the natural world. She graduated with dual degrees from Ohio University and continued in graduate school at the University of Illinois. After a short career of teaching High school English, Journalism, Ecology and Photojournalism, she committed to a long career with the National Park Service. She served 35 years in a variety of national parks, and recently retired as
Superintendent at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area in South-western Colorado.

Her stewardship of the natural world leads her to share the art and beauty of nature. Connie’s work inspires an ethic of protection of public lands by encouraging citizens to explore their local natural and cultural resources and to find the “the stories and art in nature”.

For commissions please visit: or Email connieruddphotos@gmail