YOLIE BROWN ~ Watercolor & Oil Paintings
Artist Yolie Brown Yolie is a Slovenian Born, Canadian, living part-time in Belize and in Lake City, Colorado. Somewhat of a gypsy, Yolie’s creative pursuits so far include: Musician, Songwriter, Belly Dancer, Craftsman, Zumba Instructor, Designer and Painter. She has designed and is building a home in Lake City and designed her home in Belize, C.A. Shortly after moving to Colorado, she started painting in watercolor and studied with Jane E. Jones, a wonderful teacher and mentor. Yolie’s style has been constantly transforming to include oils, acrylics, casein and pen and ink.

Art took a back seat for a while as Yolie and her husband have been raising two of their young grandchildren; a source of love, gratitude and a constant growth and challenge.

Yolie sees her authentic self in creativity; it’s her meditation and connection to source. She feels the work does not come from her but through her. Her latest works are attempts to capture natures dance of color and light, its rhythm, patterns, vibrations, the beauty, love, connection and divine in all.

Yolie was the 2014 Lake City Art’s Volunteer of the Year and Her art was selected for the 2015 Lake City Wine and Music Festival Poster.